Finalist, 2017 Best Mystery
     - Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition

...the pace is steady and with emotion rolling off the page left and right mystery fans will want to read this one!  Nominated for 2016 RONE Award
     - InDtale Magazine Review

The pacing was incredibly well done … I’d heartily recommend A House of Her Own to anyone who is also a fan of paranormal mysteries.
     -  Long and Short Reviews

I’m happy to give A House of Her Own a rating of 4 out of 4 stars, and would gladly recommend it to other readers who enjoy suspense, thrillers, and ghost stories.

     - Online Book Club official review

...a solid mystery with clear and concise writing, well-developed characters, and a twisted plot...  A House of Her Own is a satisfying conclusion to Claire’s story.
     - Star @ The Bibliophillic Book Blog 


That house in that neighborhood for that price? Claire Marshall thought she’d hit the jackpot. Her company would restore the old house to its previous glory and sell it at a huge profit. She hadn’t counted on the runaway girl hiding in the upstairs bedroom, the brutal gang chasing her, or the angry ghost who may or may not be keeping the gang at bay. Old houses have stories, and this house has an ugly one.

Claire’s business partner  wants to write off the investment and walk away, her workers don’t want to go inside, but Claire doesn’t believe in ghosts or in giving up without a fight. And she could use a distraction. Her personal life is in turmoil.

If something seems to good to be true...

A House of Her Own is available as an e-book from Amazon, the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, Omni-Lit, and most on-line booksellers. The paperback is available from Amazon and most standard retail outlets.