I was a reader long before I became a writer.


     My home is full of books, and if I'm not writing, there is probably a book in my hand. As a child, I read under the covers with a flashlight when my parents thought I was sleeping. Or maybe they were just happy to have me quiet.


     Despite sleep deprivation, I managed degrees from Duke and UNC and a career as an economist, working both in the US and in several "previously known as" countries. Croatia, previously known as part of Yugoslavia; Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, previously know as Soviet Satellites or Republics. I wrote numerous reports that people had to read because their jobs required it. Now, I write mysteries that I hope will entertain people and perhaps atone for all those dry documents.

​     If I'm not reading or writing, I'm hanging out with the grandkids or exploring San Francisco, the fabulous city that is my new home. You can find me on Facebook as Patricia Dusenbury and on Twitter, where I'm shortened to PatriciaDusenbu, which is what happens when you have a long name.