When racecar driver Tony Burke hires Claire Marshall’s company to restore his family house in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, she convinces him to open his father’s old studio. They are looking for paintings; they find evidence of an old murder. Within a day, there’s a second murder. Tony insists the two crimes, although years apart, are connected. Unfortunately, the most obvious link gives him a powerful motive, and he has no alibi.

 Claire is a widow just re-entering the world of dating. She has been seeing a homicide detective, but her sympathies lie more and more with the chief suspect. There are all kinds of crimes, and Tony is famous for breaking hearts. Claire should know better—or maybe not.

Secrets, Lies & Homicide with a new cover and a lower price, is available as an e-book from  Amazon and will be available in May '17 from other on-line booksellers. The paperback is available from Amazon and other standard retail outlets.

A web of old lies conceals the motive for murder. And then it’s torn …


Top Ten Mystery
     - Preditors and Editors 2014 Readers’ Poll

 Finalist, 2016 Best Mystery
     - Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition 

In Secrets, Lies & Homicide, romance and mystery form a perfect match.
     - LAS (Long and Short) Reviewer, 9/15/2014:  Five of five stars

This book is just a gem and I highly recommend it. Whether mysteries are your favorite genre or you just want to read a page-turner, this book is a must-read.
     - Online Book Club Official Review 1/7/2015:  Four of four stars